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My name is Phoebe Weseley and I own River Run Farm LLC. I am an amateur rider who has owned my own farm for over 20 years. I grew up in Manhattan as the daughter of two doctors. When I was a teenager my parents were in upstate NY and saw a skinny neglected Arabian and bought him, even though they knew nothing about horses! Eventually, after many falls, everyone in my family gave up on riding except for me! I was not born with the talent of a Tori Colvin or a Lillie Keenan but I do work hard. I have had more success in the show ring than I ever dreamed I would; in addition to hard work, I have the support of my husband and am a perennial student of the sport! I enjoy bringing along young horses and ponies as well as helping my daughter succeed on her adult jumper. For more information about RRF please see .


My yoga mat- I will be 58 years old soon and I have a bad back. I do vinyasa yoga on my jade yoga mat religiously every morning. It keeps my broken body in working order and my type A personality under control!


Fudgie keeps me entertained on a daily basis. Go to the River Run Farm Facebook and Instagram to watch his exploits!

Meyer Saddle

I love my new Meyer saddle and my horses do too! Their backs have never felt better!

Ankle Stretcher

My ankle stretcher is an integral part of my riding warm up. My legs are really short so every fraction of an inch counts!


Did I mention my legs are very short??!!

Dressage Whip

Spurs plus dressage whips equals horse in front of my leg!



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