Irene Michaels – I On The Horse


I ride because it is my passion. I have been riding since I was 11 and owned my 1st horse at age 16.  They are regal, strong and elegant. I keep my horses at Wayne Equestrian Center retained by Dunham Riding Club in Wayne, Illinois, outside of downtown Chicago where I reside. My horses are Thoroughbreds and Haflingers. Their names are Paris and On The Marc. I write about Beauty and Lifestyles on my webzine called, I On The Scene. It’s much more than a blog! I am also a contributor to various media outlets, including HuffPost and The Chicago Tribune.

Tall Boots

I always ride in my favorite boots that are pretty old but I feel safe in them and they are very comfortable.

Lucky Stone

A lucky stone I keep in my pocket.


A little flask in the other pocket for tradition, sometimes I have port in it.

Stock Pin and Socks

My favorite stock pin and comfortable undergarments and my favorite lightweight blue and pink socks that come up to my knee. They are pretty and make me feel good.  

Monogrammed Crop

I also have a monogrammed crop that I am very proud of, given to me by my best friend.

My goal is to own my own ranch someday with many horses and other animals. I am also involved in rescuing horses through a wonderful foundation called Horses Without Humans.


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