Emma Sargent – NYU Student Staying On Course


As a college sophomore, my day-to-day life revolves around balancing heavy course loads and Grand Prixs. During the week, I spend hours in the NYU library studying Computer Science and Chinese, before jetting off to Wellington or North Salem for the weekend. I show in the high amateur/owner divisions, and catch the occasional Grand Prix or two, and my four legged teammates– Haribo, Beezie, Didgeridoo, and Winchester– are there with me every step of the way.

Winston Show Coat

My go-to show coat is my Winston. It checks off every box: stylish, comfortable, and flexible. Its classic, slimming designs keeps it old school, but is still new school enough to be thrown in the wash and hung to dry between long horse show days. Who could ask for more?

GPA Skin Breeches

My favorite breeches to pair with the Winston are my GPA Skin Breeches. Although no longer in production, they still top the other brands I wear. They are thin and breathable, making the hottest Wellington days almost bearable.

Flex-On Stirrups

Having as heavy a course load as I have, I often go days or weeks without getting my feet in the irons, which is where my Flex-On Stirrups come into play. They are a lifesaver, and help keep me in the tack when school keeps me from riding for a bit.

EquiFit ImpacTeq Half Pad

But of course, my horses have to be as excellently outfitted as I am, and that’s why I love my EquiFit ImpacTeq half pad. Whether I’m schooling 1.15m or turning and burning my way through the U25s, this half pad absorbs every ounce of impact. The pad is thin enough to not alter the fit of my saddles, and practically bulletproof. The ponies even like it too!

Superga Sneakers

At the end of a long day, when my Winston has served me well, my GPAs have kept me comfortable, my Flex-ons have kept me seated, and my ImpacTeq pad has kept my horses’ backs happy, slipping my feet out of my Parlantis and into a pair of Superga sneakers is the ultimate relief. These stylish shoes from Fab Finds by Sarah are the perfect stable-to-street sneaks, and were the best purchase I made this past winter at WEF. On top of comfort, they are fully customizable, and an on-site artist makes you your very own unique pair of shoes.


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