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My name is Devan Horn, I am a 25 year old endurance rider from Texas. I have been riding competitively for over a decade and enjoy everything from trekking to FEI 3* competitions…just don’t put me in a ring. 

Endurance is a discipline where you spend 3-24 hours a day in the saddle at a time, which is why I love it so much. I have a passion for riding, the outdoors, and pushing my own limits, so it really is a match made in heaven. In addition to over 4,000 accredited miles with AERC (the American Endurance Rider’s Conference) I have also competed all over the world in the UAE, England, Australia, Japan, South Africa, and Mongolia. I have done 5 endurance rides over 500 miles, including 3 trips to the Mongol Derby, the World’s Longest and Toughest Horse Race, done on semi-feral horses. I have also finished the SandyMount Express 1000 kilometer in South Africa, and ridden a pony 500 miles through the backcountry from Denver to Durango, Colorado. I’ve also finished the prestigious Tevis Cup twice. 

During the time I’m not on horseback, I’m an Ultra Marathoner, which means I also run distances from 25-100 miles in a day. I have aspirations of going longer though, and am currently eyeing a few multi-day competitions on that front. 

Anything I put on my body is expected to keep up and be comfortable, hard stop. If it chafes or wears out quickly, it doesn’t last long in my wardrobe. I’ve found a few pieces that have served me well over my multiple adventures, and can keep up with my lifestyle!  

Tipperary Sportage Helmet

The Tipperary Sportage is lightweight, aerodynamic, and cheap. It doesn’t get in the way of my riding and can be replaced economically when needed (after a fall or two). The mesh air vents help keep the heat bearable, and the matte colors don’t soak up heat. Honestly, I’ve forgotten it’s there a few times and driven home with it on (but that could have been exhaustion!)

Nathan VaporHowe 2 Liter and Camelbak Charge 240 2 Liter

I practically live my life in a hydropack, and it’s hard to choose just one! Having liquid readily accessible at all times is a life saver, especially if you’re riding difficult horses. Hydration is so important during endurance rides because if you’re not performing in peak condition, you can’t take care of your horses as well. I like the Camelbak Charge 240 for short rides (25-100 miles), and the Nathan VaporHowe for prolonged efforts. I even run in the Charge, so It’s economical and molded to my body, at this point.


I ride and run in ASIC Nimbus 19’s. I run in them until they wear out, and then they become my barn and riding shoes! I made the switch from boots about 7 years ago due to some ankle issues, and never looked back. The ASICS support my feet and ankles, and keep me in a comfortable position for long rides. Of course, I always make sure to have cages on my stirrups to prevent the shoe from slipping through during a bronc episode. Safety first!

FITS Tech Tread Breeches and Cloudmax Rain Coat

My favorite breeches at the moment are FITS tech tread. I was having a problem with knee patch breeches wearing out too quickly with all the riding I do, and full seat is too hot for Texas. But these are seamless, breathable, made of a moisture wicking fabric, and so far have held up admirably. I wore the same pair through the 1000 kilometer Mongol Derby this year, and was very impressed. I also took along their Cloudmax Rain Coat, which was a real winner battling the elements. Having the double zipper and riding flap made sure I stayed drier in the saddle than a traditional rain coat. (Disclosure: I’m currently sponsored by them!)


My “signature” look is mismatched lime green/hot pink socks, so I was really excited to find these colors in half chaps, too! They’re made of neoprene, so they hose off well after a hot ride, and are super light weight. They also fit over my ASICS and keep my legs protected from trees and brush.

I don’t have a blog, but you can keep up with me (if you can) on my Facebook Page,


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