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My name is Bethany Lee and I am a hunter/jumper trainer, exercise rider and equestrian fashion blogger based in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been riding for over 20 years and to this day my favorite place to be is in the saddle. I always was obsessed with horses but never thought I would be riding for a career. After college, I moved to Los Angeles to work in the fashion industry. I loved it, but the office life just wasn’t for me. After about 9 months I quit my desk job and found a job as an exercise rider and an up-down trainer in Calabasas, CA. I was in heaven even though I worked 60 hours a week and was hardly getting paid. That was when I truly understood the saying, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” My husband and I moved to Jacksonville about a year and a half ago for him to be able to flip more houses. I quickly found myself exercise riding for a barn in St. Augustine (Serenity Farm) and working as a home trainer for private clients out of Jacksonville and Cincinnati (Five Fillies Farm and New Hope Farm). About the same time that I moved to Florida, I started my equestrian fashion blog, My Equestrian Style as a creative outlet and a way to get some free riding clothes! Well this hobby turned into a passion and has grown more than I ever thought it would in it’s first year. It’s been an absolute blast and I can’t wait to share where it’s headed next!

CWD Saddle

My CWD was new (to me) last year and I just have had the best time with it. It is a SE01 model and it is just as beautiful as it is comfortable. A wide tree was really important to me as I am always riding different horses. Comfort was always a plus too, because you start to feel it after 6 or 7 rides in a day! I got mine used from Redwood Tack.

DeNiro Tall Boots

I have been riding in DeNiro boots for over a year now and they are definitely my new favorite show boots. They hold up so well and are made with the nicest Italian leather… without the outrageous custom boot price. I would compare them to the quality of Tucci’s and Fabbri’s but they start at $799. I love that they are really sturdy leather but it only took me a couple rides to break them in! I worked with Anita via¬†@denirobootcousa¬†and had the most wonderful experience. She is knowledgable, kind and extremely helpful!

Dreamers and Schemers Boot Socks

I just designed a pair of My Equestrian Style boot socks with Dreamers and Schemers and they have been my favorite to ride in! The colors are so fun and the sock is made to be so functional. Looking at them, the DS socks seem to be just a thin nylon sock, but in reality they are breathable through the leg and padded through the heel and toe- perfect for me who is prone to blisters in those areas! You can snag a pair HERE.

Mane Jane Leather Belt

I love my leather belts from Mane Jane. They are so simple, well made and go with everything. I find myself always picking a Mane Jane belt as a finishing touch to every outfit. To be honest, I own three MJ belts and I could definitely match them with every single outfit I own because they are reversible and you can select different buckle finishes! I have a black/brown, ivory/burgundy, and olive/navy. They’re perfection, especially from those #viewfromthetop shots! I got mine from

Kaval Show Coat

I’m definitely a little more rebellious when it comes to hunter show coats. I like to push the envelope with riding in unique colors. I think standing out is a great strategy if you are within USEF limits. I am obsessed with this grey MakeBe Cindy Show Coat I got from KAVAL. The color is stunning and it is one of the only grey jackets I’ve tried on that still looks amazing with tan breeches; the tan suede collar perfectly ties it all together! It would obviously look great with white breeches or in the jumper ring as well. I love to shop all my show clothes on


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